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Cover Film May 17, 2018


Description: Use EVOH, PA as a barrier to provide superior barrier properties.

Use area:

1. Fast food packaging film

2. Jelly cover film

3. Molding cover film

Product SeriesMaterialsBarrier propertyproduct advantages

High barrier co-extrusion

PA/EVOH/PE1 ≤ OTR ≤ 10EVOH as a barrier layer, superior barrier properties


1 ≤ WTR ≤ 10Casting process, superior transparency
Applicable for different base film/bottom box heat sealing

Medium Barrier Co-Extrusion

PA/PP10 ≤ OTR ≤ 100High temperature cooking 121 °C
PA/PE1 ≤ WTR ≤ 10High stiffness

high transparency

Easy to remove film


10 ≤ OTR ≤ 100

Adjustable heat seal strength

PET//PEEL1 ≤ WTR ≤ 10

Superior heat sealing interface