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Food Packaging Film Suppliers

Food Packaging Film Suppliers

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Food Packaging Film Suppliers

We can produce Barrier Packaging films with 5/7/11 layers, depending on usage and specifications. To achieve the best possible barrier performance, our films are made of polyamide (PA) and EVOH. Special raw materials, such as metallocenes or ionomers, ensure optimum seal integrity, outstanding puncture resistance and hot tack.

Basic Info

Item: Thermoforming Film

Width: Max 2700mm

Length: As per request

Thickness: 20-350um

Making process: Cast

Law material: PA/PE/EVOH


Specification: CE,SGS,ISO9001,UL,QS,BRC,BV,GMP

Usage: Food, Meat, Nut, Dry Fruit, Candy, Snack, etc

Product Properties:

PA.EVOH.PE Cast Film 6700 - 150.png



  • Barrier film made by PA/PE or EVOH materials and extended shelf life

  • Excellent oxygen and water vapor barrier

  • Tear resistant and high puncture-resistant

  • Printability&heat-seal

  • Excellent tensile properties

  • Highly puncture-resistance,flexible and softness

  • Excellent film thickness deviation

  • Environmental friendly

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