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Co-Extrusion Pharmaceutical Packaging Film

Pharmaceutical packaging composite film is one kind of film with tensile strength and elongation ,suitable for Chinese medicine powder

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Multilayer Flexible Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions

Pharmaceutical packaging film is one kind of film with tensile strength and elongation ,suitable for medicine powder ,grain and all kinds of shapes and gauges,touched tightness with inner medicine after packed,no easy to break and wrinkle.The current normal application by foil laminated film,for example PT/AL/PE,PET/AL/PE,it means using fiol/film/tie layer laminated or laminated after co-extruded,which is consist of basic layer/printing layer/high barrier layer ,printing layer was seated in middle.Due to the basic material with excellent machinery property,high gloss,flexo-printing performance,high-optics,high-barrier,etc.

Our packaging and process engineers will work with you to create the ideal packaging structure based on each product's:

  • unique ingredients.

  • distribution processes.

  • projected life cycle.

  • form/fill/seal equipment and processes. 

  • Highly skilled service-oriented professionals will be available to help you navigate the nuances of flexible packaging and suggest the best materials for your products. 

  • We’re flexible and able to accommodate your company’s particular processes, from procurement to distribution.

  • To help ensure that your packaging runs efficiently and meets your production goals, your dedicated Glenroy service team will be available to travel to your location for on-site technical support.

In Hawking, you’ll find a trusted packaging partner and problem solver.

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