Embossed Vacuum Bag

December 16, 2021
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Vacuum packaging film and bag


Usage field:


Vacuum packages of meat products
Vacuum packages of snack foods
Packages of seafood
Packages of frozen products
Industrial packing


Product Line Material Barrier Product advantages
High barrier PA/EVOH/PE 1≤OTR≤10 As the barrier layer,EVOH has the superior barrier
PA/EVOH/PP 1≤WTR≤10 High barrier and 121℃ high-temperature steaming
    Superior heat sealing surface
Middle barrier
PA/PP 10≤OTR≤100 121℃ high-temperature steaming
PA/PE 1≤WTR≤10 High opacity
    Superior heat sealing surface
High transparent bag PA/PE 10≤OTR≤100 High opacity
PA/PP 1≤WTR≤10
Anti low temperature function,suitable for freezing,cold storage
Embossing vacuum bag PA/PE 10≤OTR≤100 Superior vacuum effect