Film Thermoformable Transparent

December 16, 2021
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Thermoforming film


Thermoforming film is made by W & H 11-layer co-extruded casting machine. The excellent film thickness and the uniform layer thickness ensure the good thermoforming uniformity of products. Multilayer structure design makes the film have high barrier and the casting process technology ensures the very good opacity of products ,softness and gloss. Reliable heat sealability ensure the vacuum or inflated condition of packaging.


Usage field: packages required by directly forming technology, packages of the poultry,meat,seafood and dairy products.


"FFS" automatic packaging thermoforming and lidding film

Packages of meat and cooked meat products

Packages of medical devices

Packages of snack foods

Other fresh food


   Product Line    Material    Barrier                      Product advantages
   High barrier
PA/EVOH/PE 1≤OTR≤10 As the barrier layer,EVOH has the superior barrier
PA/EVOH/PP 1≤WTR≤10 PP surface,good moisture barrier
PP/PA/EVOH/PA/PE   High barrier, high-temperature steaming
PE/PA/EVOH/PA/PE   Thickness range:40um~300um
   Middle barrier
PA/PE 10≤OTR≤100 PA barrier layer,middle barrier
PA/PP 1≤WTR≤10 High-temperature steaming
PE/PA/PE   Excellent film surface smoothness
PP/PA/PE   PP surface has the good moisture barrier
   Breathing     forming film PP/PE 1≤WTR≤10 No barrier,high permeability and freshness-keeping function
High transparency and high gloss
Thickness range:40um~300um